Altar Guild. The Altar Guild is composed of a few devoted people who prepare the Altars for worship each week, wash the chalice and other vessels after each Mass, and see to the repair and cleaning of vestments. Florence Parkins, Altar Guild Chair, would be happy to offer you training and to assign you to work with a partner on a rotating schedule. A wonderful opportunity to serve God and the Church!

 Altar Servers. Check here if you would like to join those who assist with our Worship Services as an LEM (Licensed Eucharistic Minister) or Acolyte (Crucifer, Thurifer, and Candle Bearers). Those interested in becoming an LEM will be notified of the next class offered and required by the Diocese for this ministry (normally offered on a Saturday). Those interested in serving as Acolytes will be trained here in the parish.

     Building Committee Volunteers. Lots of little projects such as painting, minor repairs and garden care need to be done each year. Check this box and the Larry Bickford, Building Committee Chair, will set up a meeting of those who would be interested in lending a helping hand!

 Choir. The Choir is led by Cryder Bankes III, our Director of Music. Rehearsals are each Sunday from 9 AM - 11 AM. Volunteers are needed! Check here and Cryder will contact you as soon as possible for an interview.

  Fellowship/Evangelism. Help plan Coffee Fellowship Hour, Special Fellowship parties or other activities for members and new comers in the coming year. Help us to welcome new people into the parish! Check here and Juliet Emanuel-George, our Fellowship Chair, will contact you with information as to how you can help!

 Social Concerns. The Outreach Ministry of the parish, Social Concerns Committee is made up of people committed to helping those in need. Members of the Committee set up the various programs presented to the parish throughout the year to assist those in need such as our Turkey Drive for the local Soup Kitchen at Thanksgiving, our Toy Drives and Adopt a Family programs at Christmas, the ongoing pantry drive for the Soup Kitchen and much more! Volunteers are needed! Help us in demonstrating our love for our neighbors! Check here and Electra Weeks, Chair, will contact you with information as to how you can help select new projects and improve on those we have been doing.

 Saint Margaret's Guild. Composed of people devoted to the parish, St. Margaret's Guild offers a number activities for fellowship and fund raising throughout the year. They also are active in visitation and care for our Seniors, have often helped with programs for our children, and provide funds from their fund raising activities toward a variety of projects to improve our building (and especially our Parish Kitchen!) each year. A fun and devoted group! If you check this box, the current chair, will contact you with more information.

 Sunday School Staff. Devoted to providing quality Christian Education for our children, the Sunday School Staff is composed of teachers, substitute teachers, and other volunteers who might help out from time to time with parties or administrative matters. Your help is needed! If you check here Charmaine Derrell, Sunday School Director, will let you know how you can help!

 Ushers. The Welcoming Ministry of Ushers is tremendously important in any parish! Ushers arrive a few minutes before service to be sure that bulletins and other worship materials are available, that doors are open (and windows if it is hot!), and lights are properly adjusted. They offer assistance to the elderly or others who may need it, offer worship materials and a smile to all who enter the Church, receive the offering and assist in the orderly flow of people to the Altar to receive Communion. In short, Ushers are the "Hosts of God's House"! Check here and the Rector will contact you about training and service.

 Visitation Committee. This Committee is devoted to those who are ill or housebound.  Composed of LEMs (Licensed Eucharistic Ministers) and other members of the congregation, Visitation Committee works closely with the Rector to provide prayerful visits to those in hospital or who may be home bound. Visits are usually made as a team with at least one other member of the committee. Check here and Anna Anderson or Nicole Monroe will contact you about training and visitation schedule.

 Youth Ministry. An important and vital part of our ministry that we offer to and with the Youth of the Parish. They need adult supervision and help! How about you? Check here and Doug Hecklinger will be in touch with details!

Guilds, Committees and Ministries
at Saint John’s Church