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The Fourth Sunday of Lent

The Epistle of Saint John's
Episcopal Church
Founded 1826

Friday A Service of Public Healing t at 7 PM followed by light Lenten Dinner and Discussion
Contemplative Mass at 5 PM followed by Pot Luck Dinner
Sunday Choral High Mass at 11 AM

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For Sunday March 10 , 2013

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 Upcoming Events

Friday, March 8 Public Healing Service and Light Lenten Dinner and Discussion

Thursday, March 14 Finance Committee 7 PM

Friday March 15, Compline and Presentation by Mother Spellers 7 PM

Saturday, March 16  Pre- Baptismal Instruction 11 AM

Thursday, March 21 Vestry Meeting 6:30 PM

Palm Sunday Altar Guild Bake Sale, March 24 after 11 AM Mass

Thursday, March 28 Maundy Thursday Mass 7 PM

Friday, March 29 Good Friday Traditional Liturgy Noon - 3 PM

Saturday, March 30 Holy Saturday Great Vigil of Easter

Sunday, March 31 Easter Day


Application for Holy Baptism on Holy Saturday Great Vigil of Easter at 8 PM

Coffee Hour on: March 17 to be sponsored by Lisa Watkins

Dear Friends,
"It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of Light, it was the season of Darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair, we had everything before us, we had nothing before us, we were all going direct to heaven, we were all going direct the other way."  These words that Charles Dickens used to begin his novel called A Tale of Two Cities have

often been quoted since as descriptive of whatever might be going on in the world at the time.  And they are always true because when it times are good for some others are suffering.  And when some enjoy light and hope others crouch in darkness and despair.  Time and technology move on but people and the sorts of problems people face as they relate to God and one another tend to be somewhat the same from age to age.

 This Lent we are considering what it means to be the Body of Christ in our time and in our place and what it has meant to those who have worshipped in our parish in years past.  In the beginning some were slaves and indentured servants while others were wealthy and well educated, but all shared the same faith in the same God just as we, who come from so many different places and cultures do today in this holy place.  Tonight we will consider how our parish faced some of its greatest challenges in days gone by and compare how we might face the same sorts of things in our world today.

Next week we will have a wonderful opportunity to consider how we function as Christ’s Body as we share in a presentation from Mother Stephanie Spellers of her new book, Radical Welcome: Embracing God, The Other and the Spirit of Transformation (available from Amazon in paperback for $10.68 and for Kindle $9.39).  Mother Spellers is our Diocesan Canon for Missional Vitality.  Michael Ann Bissell, along with members of Beijing Circle attended a workshop led her on the topic of Radical Welcome, offers these links Click Here if you want to have a bit more information before we begin our study.  Click Here for an online participant's guide outlining different sessions of discussion.   Don’t miss this significant presentation on Friday, March 15 following our service of Compline at 7 PM.  A light Lenten Dinner will be offered by members of Beijing Circles who are sponsoring this event.

As many of you know Marie Piggott, mother of Althea Piggott of our parish, died on Saturday and her funeral was offered here on Thursday.   Viewing and the Vigil before a Funeral from the Book of Common Prayer was offered here in the Narthex on Wednesday and this was the first time we were able to use the enlarged Narthex for this purpose.  It worked out very well for everyone so that is now an option that is available to anyone who might want to use it for that purpose.

Baptisms are an important part of the Great Vigil of Easter that is offered each year the night before Easter Day.  This year we have a couple of people lined up for baptism and will have a pre-baptismal instruction class on Saturday, March 16 at 11 AM.  If you would like to be baptized or have a child who needs to be christened, please click here for an application and plan to attend the class.  Parents are required to attend, God parents are encouraged to attend, and it is best to have a baby sitter if needed so that you may come without your baby so that you can concentrate on the instructions and participate in the discussions.  

I began this letter speaking of changing time, or at least the way in which the times in which we live are perceived in different ways by people according to their circumstances.  One circumstance that we all share together this weekend is that we will begin Daylight Savings Time on Saturday at midnight.  Don’t forget to move your clock back an hour so that you will be on time for Church on Sunday morning!  

I wish each of you a holy and blessed Lent!

Yours in Christ,

Father Clark Powers

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The following people will be prayed for at every mass and you are invited to keep them in your daily prayers as well.  If you would like to submit a name for our prayers please click here.  

Have compassion on those who suffer from any grief or trouble - and we pray especially today for those who have requested our prayers:  Sandra Appiah, Esther Arrington, Almida Belgrave; Adina Bent; Grace Bond; Maurice Braithwaite; Allen Brooks; Leonie Brooks; Marilyn Byrd; Nelda Cherrington, Alloyse Chong; Andrea Coleman, Lynn Crain; Alma Crawford; Joyce DeJorna, Richard Dingledy; Elizabeth Farioletti; JoAnn Fawcett; Derek and Marjorie Fraser; Muriel Glasgow; Anna-Maria Gropp; Marge Harmitt, Tasha Harmitt, Eldora Hatcher; Edwin Harris; Fred and Beulah Jacob; Cleon Hyde; Patricia Jones, Christopher LiGreci, Kathy Lou, Elizabeth; Kassandra and Mia, Tania Marrero, Deborah Markow; Brian McAnuff; Tom Moore; Assantewa Patterson; Aixas Parkins; Marie Pigott; Tina Quarles; Bobbi Rafter; Linda Rivera; Lola Sargeant; John Southerland; Marcia Tatum; Estrella Washington; Lee Willis; Ann Wilson; Lisa Watkins, Victoria Wong; and Florence Yukon. 

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Our Story, History of St. John's

History Book and Anniversary Fund and Book

Our Story is the story of the people of a unique Episcopal Parish founded in Brooklyn, New York in 1826.  Field of Dreams was a movie about a man who followed his dream and built a baseball field in the middle of nowhere.  In the story many people thought he was crazy, but in his mind he kept hearing the words, "build it and they will come" and they did come only not exactly the way he had thought they would.  It was a fun and inspiring story and so is this story of a parish which began as a dream in the heart and mind of one man, The Reverend Evan Malbone Johnson.  Beforehe had any parishioners or even the blessing of his Bishop he built a small wooden church on a corner of his farm on what was

then the outskirts of Brooklyn.  He called it Saint John's Church and opened its doors to all people, and they came.  At the first service of Holy Communion offered on April 14, 1827, those who worshipped and received the Body and Blood of Christ included black and white people, worshipping together.  He served his mixed race congregation faithfully for 20 years without being paid any salary. 

Our Story begins with him but goes on to include the stories of many others.  As Paul said in I Corinthians 3, "For we are God's fellow workers; you are God's field, God's building. According to the grace of God given to me, like a skilled master builder I laid a foundation, and another man is building upon it. Let each man take care how he builds upon it."   And, here at Saint John's, God has sent many men and women to build upon the foundations laid as a result of one man's dreams.  This is their story.

You can order a book and pay credit card by clicking here.  You may also order directly from Amazon.  Click here to go directly to the book at Amazon.  You will have to pay tax and shipping charges if you order at Amazon, so if you live near the church you might want to order through us and pick up your copy here.  

Listed in the book will be the names of all the Sponsors and Patrons who have contributed to the Anniversary Fund which began last year.  If you would like your name inscribed in the next edition of the book as a Sponsor or Patron, which will be published around the first of next year. Click here to make your donation online with your credit card.  

Parish Sponsors have donated one dollar a year for each year that our Parish has served God and God's people - $185. Patrons have donated 50 cents for each year of our history - $92.50.                                                           Sponsors

The Altar Guild, Saint Margaret's Guild, Suzy Hsia and Steve Adams, Cryder Bankes, Adina Bent, Larry and Amethyst Bickford, Joyce Blake, Jocelyn Bradley, Sally Brodsky, Don Derrick, Juliet Emanuel-George, Shirley Emanuel, Johnson and Omoladun Esho, Luke and Willow Fodor, Wilma Forde, Violet Harper, Roy and Catherine Haynes, Janet Hibbert, Bill and Eris Hunter, Uriah and Gertrude Insular, Fred and Beulah Jacob, Daphne Johnson, Rosemarie Kent, Alan Kramer, Katie Locke, Janet Mackey, Susan McHenry, Nicole Monroe, John and Patty Pegram, Cheryl Plambeck and Brian Hayes, Father Clark Powers, John Villios, Daphne Watson, Eunice Watkins, Kathryn Cullen-DuPont, Sherry Weaver-Chetrit, Celia and Armando Jones, Veda Perry, Patrick Cheek, John Brian McAnuff. Katheryn and Russel Hall.


Donated $92.50 - $184

Humberto and Marilyn Arjonilla, Florence Baird, Victoria Hill, Fred and Beulah Jacob, John and Barbara Muir, Charmaine Jacob, Gweneth Marcelli, Maria Moyser, Barbara Stewart, Paul Chetrit, Margarita Walsh, J.M. Walsh,


Raymond  DeVera, Milcah McQueen, Sheila Reid, Carolyn Stallworth, Rosslyn Wickham. Milcah McQueen, Sharon Nicholson Roderique, Esther Arrington, Phillip Braithwaite, John Guidry, Terrie Collymore, Grace Bond, Nate Green, Hilda Coleman, Eleonor Yard, Grace Garnett 



Benjamin Larsen, artistic director

Our First Anniversary Concert

Sunday, March 10, 2013

3:00 p.m.

w i t h

Jiwon Kwark,violin

Lynn Bechtold,violin

Caroline Gilbert,viola

Benjamin Larsen,cello

Ali Cook,bass

James Newman,bass-baritone

Ludwig van Beethoven

String Quartet in F Major, Op. 18, no. 1

Samuel Barber

DoverBeach, Op. 3

Antonín Dvorák

String Quintet No. 2 in G Major, Op. 77





March 8

Public Service of Healing

March 15


March 22

Public Service of Penance


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